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Our Coat of Arms and the New Logo

Our Coat of Arms and the New Logo

The Coat of Arms

On the 6th of January, 1937, Heimenkirch was assigned the right to bear a coat of arms by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior. It depicts a silver church (the ”Kirch” in the municipality’s name) on green ground in front of a blue background; the roof of the church and its steeple are colored in red. Above the building, you can see an ancient silver hat decorated with a bunch of egret feathers – this refers to an ancient noble family of knights by the name Syrgenstein who carried the adorned hat in their coat of arms and whose landholdings were integrated into Heimenkirch in the 19th century. 


The Logo

Since the year 2012, Heimenkirch has his own logo and slogan, developed by the municipal council in cooperation with the local design studio Grafino. The name of Heimenkirch in extended typeface symbolizes the municipality’s spatial extent, while the graphical separation of the word components “Heimen” and “Kirch” functions as emphasis. The color orange epitomizes the heart of the town; blue stands for the creek Leiblach, originating in Heimenkirch and feeding into the Lake Constance; green is the color both of the municipality’s rich nature and culture. Above the letters, there are 19 dots forming a check mark and hinting to the Leiblach valley with the church depicted in center; each dot stands for one of the 19 districts, seven of them on the left and twelve on the right side according to their position in relation to the main street. They can also be seen as symbol of the meeting-points and community of the townspeople and add a welcoming and appealing touch to the logo.